Cephalopoden der nordalpinen Raibler Schichten der Karawanken

The Northern Alpine Raibl strata of the North Karawanken are also called Bleiberg strata or Cardita strata in the literature. This is mainly to distinguish them from the Southern Alpine Raibl strata from Raibl, which show a different lithological formation as well as a different stratigraphic range. The Northern Alpine Raibl strata of the Northern Karawanken consist of three shale horizons and three overlying carbonate sequences. From the first shale horizon ammonites have been found at several localities, which allow a classification into the Jul (Austrotrachyceras austriacum – zone). From the Karawanken (Petzen, Hochobir) the
following cephalopods are known so far from this shale horizon: Carnites floridus Wulfen, Joannites cymbiformis Wulfen, Arcestes gaytani Klipstein, Arcestes sp., Megaphyllites jarbas Münster, Pleuronautilus gaudryi Mojsisovics, Enoploceras wulfeni Mojsisovics, Austrotrachyceras sp., Nautilus sp. and Pleuronautilus cf. oenanus Mojsisovics. From the second shale horizon ammonite finds were made for the first time. They allow a classification of the second shale into the uppermost Austrotrachyceras austriacum – zone (subzone of Neoprotrachyceras oedipus).

Geopark Karawanken