Flow country trail Petzen

Flow Country Trail Petzen - One of the longest flow trails in Europe!

With a length of 11 km, the Flow Country Trail on the Petzen is one of the longest flow trails in Europe. In 2014, the trail was named the best flow trail in 2014 by the International Mountain Bike Bicycling Association (IMBA). With your bike in your luggage, you take a comfortable ride on the cable lift to the start of the trail at 1,700m above sea level. On the way down towards the valley, bikers can really come alive and put their skills to the test. Due to the special trail construction, you will experience the typical flowing, euphoric ride feeling like on a roller coaster ride.

Countless tables, jumps and steep turns await you on this macadam-gravel-fixed route, which elegantly winds its way down the southern Carinthian local mountain to the valley with a gradient of around 10%. Along the route there are numerous rest and stopping places as well as alternative routes for beginners and advanced riders.

At a glance

Length: 11 kilometers
Difficulty: easy to medium
Protectors: Helmet required and recommended - > Full face helmet and protectors


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