Museum Werner Berg

The Werner Berg Museum was opened in 1968 as the Werner Berg Gallery of the city of Bleiburg. Since then, the permanent show presents the core area of the artist's origin in a unique interaction of art and environment. Established as one of the first monographic museums in Austria, today it preserves the rich collection of paintings of the Werner Berg Foundation. With numerous oil paintings, woodcuts and sketches, its permanent collection provides a representative insight into the life's work of the artist, who was born in Elberfeld in 1904.

The home of the museum is a century-old building on Bleiburg's main square, which was sensitively revitalized in 1997 and provides the perfect setting for the works of art. The central theme of his work is the landscape and people of his adopted home of Lower Carinthia - observed with the distance of the stranger and the intensity of the lover. With his work, a unique document has been created for the province of Carinthia. Of high artistic quality, it also bears witness to life in a pre-industrial culture to which the artist was constantly exposed and which is now a thing of the past.

Opening hours: May - end of October; Tue-Sun: 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; open on holidays.
Guided tours are available in German, Slovenian and Italian.
Audio guides: extensive additional information is available via QR code for individual tours.



Werner Berg Museum
10 October Square 4
9150 Bleiburg

Phone: +43 4235 / 2110 27