Landscape Museum Koroška

Feel the pulse of the four centuries old tradition of iron industry in Ravne na Koroškem.

The Iron Museum, on the site of the old iron factory, holistically presents the history of the iron industry in Koroška and shows the important role of the Mežica Valley in the development of this branch of the economy. The exhibition includes numerous historical machines and devices that testify to the technical and technological achievements of many generations of workers. Among these are the oldest - the hammer and the puddle oven. At Ravne Castle there is a lapidarium of Roman monuments and an ethnological collection. The ethnological collection represents the life and work of the rural man. The reconstruction of the wooden smokehouse, the predecessor of the black kitchen, is emphasized as the central element, presenting the living culture of the Eastern Alpine region at that time.

Besides the elements of the typical building heritage, other elements connected with the working and festive customs of the country people are also presented. You can get to know the famous writer Lovro Kuhar - Prežihov Voranc (1893-1950) through his living environment in the young years and visit his birth house, which stands above Kotlje and offers you a beautiful view of Uršlja gora and the valley basin of Kotlje, which Prežih often described in his works.


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