Geopath Lavamünd

Along the Geopath Lavamünd you can walk through the history of the earth from the Devonian to the Quaternary period, from the rocks of an earlier mountain range to the deposits of the first Alpine layers and the formation of today's landscape.

The approximately 5.5 kilometer long path leads through the middle of forests and along meadows and fields and informs with the help of 8 different panels about the different rock layers and their formation as well as about living creatures from times long ago.

Along the learning path you will get an interesting overview of the developments in the Alps. After a walking time of 2 to 3 hours you get back to the starting point. During the hike through nature there are enough opportunities for a short break for rest and relaxation. Also, the difference in altitude to be overcome is only 260 meters.

This most interesting journey through time, which leads through the middle of nature and reaches from the Precambrian to the Quaternary, is definitely worth seeing.

You can find more information under Geopfad Lavamünd or on the homepage of the tourist office: