Via ferrata Türkenkopf - Trobefelsen

Very beautiful and challenging via ferrata through the Trobefelsen in Bad Eisenkappel near the ruins of the Türkenschanze. The via ferrata is laid out entirely in modern style, very steep passages alternate with traverses in easy terrain. In the middle of the via ferrata is the main wall (key passage).

Starting point: parking lot just before the village - right across the Vellach (river) (former carpenter's workshop)
Access: Follow the river downwards for about 5 minutes.
Times and cave difference: Ascent and descent about 2.5 to 3 hours, 300 meters of altitude (Hm), length steel cable 800m
Rocks and direction: limestone, east exposure.

The entry leads across slabs directly above the Vellach to the steep creek wall C, then airy up C/D into a forest terrain. Then traverse to the left (walking terrain) to a short wall C and further into a steep forest terrain (terrain). Following the steep exposed pillar, difficult C/D to its end (viewpoint, rest area). Across easy forest terrain to the main wall. In the main wall, along the B/C cut to an overhang (steps) E (key passage), continue through the very exposed wall passage C, with some steps, over to the easy terrain. Continue following the steel rope (walking terrain) to the vertical final wall C to the exit (vantage point). Cross to the left to a cave (B/C and along the steel rope again into easy terrain to the Türkenkopf (summit/viewpoint).

Following the steel rope (forest terrain) to the final traverse (viewpoint to Bad Eisenkappel) and short final wall B/C. Now along a narrow forest path to a marked hiking trail. Left along the hiking trail further to the Türkenschanze and back to the starting point.

Difficulty and requirement:
Sport via ferrata on wide stretches quite persistently difficult C/D, in the main wall D/E, in some places also very exposed. The easy descent can also be done as an ascent B/C (children).

Other informations:
Protection: Very good and secured throughout with anchors, 14mm steel cable and treads galvanized.
Best months to visit: March to November
Equipment: climbing equipment and helmet. A short tape sling for disengagement is recommended.


Further information: