Trögern Gorge

The Trögern Gorge is a wild and romantic canyon landscape in the municipality of Bad Eisenkappel-Vellach. Between the rugged limestone rocks flows the oxygen-rich, crystal-clear and green shimmering torrent, a valuable habitat not only for the trout, but also for the insects living in the water. The largest part of the area is formed by the Triassic limestones. These were formed about 250-210 million years ago from the remains of calcareous organisms. The deep gorges are the result of the erosion of water that has been acting for millions of years. Sand and stones were carried downstream, sometimes grinding huge rock troughs into the streambed.


Nature reserve

This area has been declared a nature reserve because of its uniqueness. No changes may be made in such areas, which is why they have largely preserved their originality. The inhabitants of Bad Eisenkappel are particularly proud of this.

The gorge is a colorful mosaic of forests, gorges, rocks, natural springs, waterfalls and cascades and offers a unique natural landscape of exceptional character. Alpine vegetation elements and sub-Mediterranean species, as well as rare and endangered animal and plant species find their habitat here. In the stream bed you can find the wonderfully colorful conglomerates, which have been beautifully polished by the white water.

A treasure trove for those interested is also the numerous types of rocks, in which various fossils, shells and snails as well as various colonies of bryozoans and also fish have been found. 

After about 3 km the valley widens again a bit and we are at the end of the gorge, from where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains!


  • The entire gorge has no significant slopes, so you can visit it with a stroller or even a wheelchair.
  • Compared to other gorges, it can be visited at all times of the year.


Only by walking through the gorge you can enjoy its full beauty!



Municipality of Bad Eisenkappel-Vellach