Mučevo Via Ferrata

In the rocky gorge Mučevo were built two very difficult sport via ferrata with partly extremely steep and demanding and in some places very exposed sections. The more difficult (red) via ferrata is marked with the difficulty level "D" (very difficult) and in some places also with "E" (extremely difficult). The easier (blue) via ferrata, on the other hand, is marked B (moderately difficult) and in some places C (difficult). Use of the via ferrata is at your own risk. The via ferrata trail may only be covered with suitable climbing equipment, and all instructions and signs must be consistently followed.

Very demanding climbing route!


Starting point: Žerjav
Height: 150m 
Length: 250-350m
Duration: 75-120 min

More information:

Phone: 00386 41 743 442


Photo: Boris Keber