Bukovje Manor

Nestled in the picturesque backdrop between the flatlands on the right Drava embankment and the Pohorje slope covered with forests, you will find the Bukovje Mansion from the Baroque period. This mansion near Dravograd carefully preserves the stories behind the mysterious ruins of the Pukštajn Castle from the Romanesque period. An idyllic location for events, protocol and congressional events, exhibitions, trainings, social events, and weddings.

Additional offers: three lecture rooms, large hall.

Capacity: 9 rooms, 26 beds

The Bukovje Manor displays a rich history of the noble family Kometer. The collection of farming tools and chores in Libeliče tells the story of a life of a simple farmer. The Bukovje Manor houses an exhibition on the noble family Kometer who played an important role in the history of the Pukštajn seigneury (1817–1932) and enriched the Slovenian culture more than many others, more esteemed and recognised noble families of that time and an exibition about the Karawanken-Karavanke UNESCO Global Geopark, the river Drava and the mineral Dravit.


More Information:
Javni zavod Dravit Dravograd, Bukovje 13, 2370 Dravograd
t: +386 (0)2 87 23 583
e: dvorecbukovje@dravit.si   
web: http://www.dravit.si