Geopark schools and kindergartens

With the network of certified Geopark schools, kindergartens and educational centers, the cross-border Karavanke-Karavanke UNESCO Global Geopark has set itself the goal of making children even more aware of local geological, natural and cultural features and recognizing the associated potential.

Geopark schools, kindergartens and education centers are characterized by their focus on local natural and cultural heritage, its discovery, experience and understanding, on outdoor exercise, recreation and sports, on promoting the neighboring language and on getting to know the neighbors. The Geopark supports and helps the Geopark schools, kindergartens and education centers in the implementation of Geopark activities and projects, including the training of teachers and educators.

Geopark Education Center Lavamünd

Geopark Education Center Bad Eisenkappel

Elementary school and kindergartens Neuhaus

Geopark Education Center Črna na Koroškem

Geopark Education Center Mežica

Elementary school Galilizien

Geopark Education Center Ravne na Koroškem