Geopark annual topic

In 2011, we set the goal that schools and kindergartens from the Geopark area could also include geology, nature, culture and the Karavanke Geopark as a whole in their educational programs.

For this reason, every year we announce a new Geopark annual theme, which schools and kindergartens implement in their curricula.

In recent years, some schools and kindergartens outside the Karavanke Geopark have also participated in the implementation of the Geopark annual theme.

2023/2024 "Wetlands - into nature with boots"

2022/2023 "NEOPHYTE - friend or foe?"

2021/2022 "MOUNTAINS - world high above us".

2020/2021 "The world of grasslands"

2019/2020 "Soils beneath our feet"

2018/2019 "Minerals and crystals - beautiful creations of nature"

2017/2018 "The pulse of nature"

2016/2017 "We are UNESCO"

2015/2016 "Fossils - stories from the past!"

2014/2015 "Diverse, colourful life - in our forest is interesting!"

2013/2014 "Volcanoes - the Earth erupts, on the surface something is brewing!"

2012/2013 "Dinosaurs - extinct life on Earth"

2011/2012 "Water and stone: inseparable parts of nature".




In the Geo-News you can learn everything about the cooperation of the Karavanke UNESCO Global Geopark with schools and kindergartens and their activities.