Prevalje is surrounded by the Uršlja Gora Mountain and Mt. Peca / Petzen and lies in the middle of the Meža Valley. Its history is marked by the Roman era, rich cultural heritage, and the history of the iron industry in particular, which also gave the town its name (Prevalje). The Hermagoras Society was active here, and the idea of a ​​reading badge came to life at the Prevalje Primary School, which is a Slovenian cultural particularity. There is a memorial park in the town, with monuments recalling important events and personalities of the town’s history. In Leše, a lignite mine was in operation once. Today, Leše is marketed as a fairy tale village. Holmec and Poljana are marked with events of recent history, whereas Štanjel still remains a tourist jewel and the cycling hub of Koroška. The municipality comprises around 6.750 inhabitants and extends the area of 58 km².