Jauntal Salami

Jauntal Salami means: traditional knowledge, the correct keeping and feeding of pigs, farm recipes, experienced hands in production as well as maturing and the willingness to achieve the highest quality.

The pure pork salami captivates with its harmoniously rounded seasoning and pure matured meat taste. A drop of garlic water and a touch of beech wood from the forests of the Petzen give the salami its unmistakable peasant touch.

A regional speciality is the smoking with beech wood. This is how the salamis get their typical color and wonderful aroma in the farmer's smokehouse. Furthermore, the Jauntaler Salami receives an imprint of the 'GENUSS REGION Jauntaler Salami' and the individual farms keep a so-called salami log, a complete record of all production steps.

The salami is therefore produced under strict guidelines, which is clearly reflected in the quality.
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