Taste Koroška

Natural, homemade, and traditional are the words we use to describe the culinary characteristics of the Koroška cuisine. The cuisine from the Koroška region includes the types of dishes that are long gone from the menus elsewhere, as their preparation demands a lot of knowledge, concern and time.

That is why the housewives still know how to prepare kvočevi nudlni, štruklji, ožejene žganke, mavželni, mežerli, tovste grumpe, etc., which all sound unusual and inviting. The speciality of the Koroška region is its bread, black or rye. Prepared in a wood-fired oven, following a traditional and unwritten recipe, it is still unchanged and as tasty as the first day. 

The Koroška region is famous for its excellent must, the traditional beverage acquired from alcoholic fermentation of juice from old varieties of apples. For a true welcome, the master will offer you a homemade liqueur – most of the times it will be the most valued and precious črničov šnops, which requires 22 kilograms of blueberries for a litre of the beverage.


Further information: https://www.koroska.si/en/Explore/Cuisine