Info centers and info points

Geo.Dom - Visitor Center of the Karawanken UNESCO Global Geopark on the Petzen Mountain


Geo.Dom - a borderline genius nature game! Immerse yourself in the "NatureGame" in a lounge with a breathtaking view. Cross the Petzen as a drop of water. Let an artificial intelligence transform you into a unique plant and become part of the virtual garden of the Geopark. It's amazing what you can experience and discover here!

Special exhibition "The Petrified Forest of Lesvos UNESCO Global Geopark - Understanding Climate Change". What is a Greek forest doing in Carinthia and can you travel back in time on the Petzen? Sure! 20 million years in the blink of an eye. We see trunks, branches, roots, leaves and seeds - buried in volcanic ash back then, preserved until today. One of the largest petrified forests in the world. A Pompeii of plants: The Petrified Forest of Lesvos shows us how we can learn for our own future from the processes that have repeatedly changed our planet over millions of years. The Lesvos UNESCO Global Geopark is visiting the new Geo.Dom on the Petzen with the special exhibition 'Understanding Climate Change'.

The Geopark Visitor Center Geo.Dom was supported by the European Regional Development Fund within the framework of the cooperation program Interreg V-A Slovenia-Austria.

KARAWANKEN UNESCO GLOBAL GEOPARK, Hauptplatz 7, A-9135 Bad Eisenkappel/ Železna Kapla

Verwaltungszentrum Geopark Karawanken, Tichoja 15, A-9133 Sittersdorf 


Information center Mežica and adventure park - Podzemlje Pece


The information center in Mežica adds significant value to the Geopark Karawanken, as it represents a central point or the heart of the Geopark. At the same time, it is also an important additional offer of the exhibition mine and museum in Mežica. It is a place where all visitors of the Museum Podzemlje Pece are welcomed. Various events can be organized in the multipurpose area, from interesting workshops for children to exhibitions and various events. Important information and videos about the Koroška area and the Geopark are shown on several screens, and various snacks as well as authentic souvenirs are provided.


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Info point Zell



The Geology and Alpine Center is the starting point for all hikes in the Zell High Valley. It also provides the guest with a good overview of the geological composition of the Koschuta Massif. In the Alpine Center you will also find the possibility to hold educational events as well as training opportunities for climbers.

Opening hours public climbing

Friends of Nature Zell-Sele

Zell-Schaida 12
9170 Ferlach

Phone: 04227 7265
Mobile: 0664 1638712

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Information point Smrekovec


The information point "Smrekovec - extinct giant" is located in the immediate vicinity of the mountain hut on Smrekovec. The purpose of the point is to present the peculiarities and features of Smrekovec in a playful and educational way. Here you can clearly see that 23 million years ago a volcano erupted under the sea. This volcanic eruption can even be viewed in a short film. Volcanic rocks are omnipresent on Smrekovec. The colorful rock structure provided special conditions for the emergence of life in this place. At the info point you can test your knowledge about different kinds of trees, recognize the difference between spruce and fir and determine the age of trees.

The info point Smrekovec is a polygon where there is a possibility to find out new things in a playful way. The place also serves as a nature class or simply as a resting place after a hike. There will be something interesting for every visitor! Welcome to Smrekovec, where the history of the extinct giant can be experienced up close!

Smrekovec is an exceptional natural area in Slovenia, unique in terms of its formation, relief, waters, forests, plants, animals and, last but not least, the way of life of its inhabitants. These diverse habitats are home to numerous rare species of plants and animals. The area has been declared a Natura 2000 protected area and is important for the preservation of the natural values of the area. It is also partially protected as a forest and nature reserve.

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Infopoint Lavamünd


You can find the Infopoint Lavamünd in the Cafè Bettina, directly at the main square of Lavamünd. Here you can enjoy your visit with coffee variations, cakes, homemade pizzas and other delicious treats and at the same time inform yourself about the Geopark on display boards and video wall. For children there are also various games to discover.


Bettina Sulzer-Gallant
Main square 40,
9473 Lavamünd
Phone: +43 4356 2314
cell phone: +43 676 4231992