The Karawanken Trail

Mountain wonderland

My cross-border treasure hunt.

This treasure lies right here, in the middle of Europe, in the Southern Alps - the Karawanken-Karavanke mountain range. The Karawanken Trail is our path. Its 13 stages over 265 km always reveal new faces of the magnificent landscape. We are walking on borders - on the tectonic plates between Africa and Europe - on trails between Austria and Slovenia. A particularly special and beautiful aspect of the Geopark Karawanken-Karavanke is the fact that it unites what has long been seperated - two countries, one region.

A treasure in the heart of Europe.


Karawanken-Trail tourGUIDE



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Whole Karawanken Trail



Behaviour and safety in the mountains

We are just guests in nature, so we have to behave accordingly!

  • Respect nature, its inhabitants and other visitors! Nature is not a rubbish dump. Let´s take our waste away and put them in separate waste collection containers!
  • Let´s not make noise! We are just visitors in the mountains, hills or plateaus.
  • Let´s not pick flowers and/or other greenery! Let´s not take anything out of nature except our impressions from the trails and the photos we have taken. 
  • Let´s not destroy mineral and/ or fossil deposits! We should only observe and photograph the minerals, crystals and fossils at the site and not excavate or damage them.
  • Walk only on marked trails! The Geopark Karawanken-Karavanke Geopark has more than 1,200 kilometres of marked hiking and mountain trails. Let´s stay on them for our own safety and to reduce our impact on nature. We are not walking on agricultural land and/or using other people´s land without the owner´s permission. Let´s hike only when the weather is stable, wearing appropriate footwear and clothing. 
  • Park only in marked areas! We leave our cars only in designated parking areas at the foot of mountains, hills or plateaus. We observe the prohibitions on driving in natural environments.