Silver Fountain

Name: Silver Fountain

Location: Above the last parking lot of Trögerner Klamm

Water type: Low mineralized calcium magnesium hydrogen carbonate source.

Coordinates E: 14,506345

Coordinates N: 46,465714

The Silver Fountain (Silberbründl) is an akratopege. This denotes a cold spring outlet. Its catchment area lies in Paleozoic slate rocks in the forest above the parking lot of the Trögerner Klamm gorge. Stop for a moment and listen to the sound of water and nature.

Water - nature's natural remedy

The spring has a relatively low mineralization and belongs to the calcium magnesium hydrogen carbonate water type. In all conditions that require an increased fluid intake (e.g. during sports activities), the water of the Silberbründl can unfold its beneficial effects.

Experience water

The Silberbründl invites you to linger, not least because of its immediate proximity to the rushing Trögerner Klamm stream.