Roman Spring in Kotlje

Name: Roman Spring in Kotlje

Mineral water Hotuljska slatina

Rimski vrelec is a natural mineral water, very rich in iron. It springs in the Kotlje valley at an altitude of 510 meters above sea level, right at the foot of Uršlja gora.

Already in the 15th century the locals knew about the beneficial and healing effects of the "acid water". At that time the spring was just a cave covered with stones, so that one had to kneel down to draw the water and thus pay respect to the water.

In the 19th century it became internationally recognized and known as the "Carinthian Roman Spring".  It was especially recommended for curing: 

  • nervous diseases,
  • anemia,
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and mucous membranes,,
  • diseases of the bladder and kidneys,
  • of the throat and respiratory organs, as well as
  • loss of appetite.

In 1972, the Ministry of Health classified the mineral water from the Roman Spring and Kotlje as a natural medicine that can be used for health purposes under the conditions specified by law.

In the 19th century, the mineral water from the Roman Spring was considered the best table water in restaurants in Graz and Vienna and was even sold in Viennese pharmacies. It was exported to all major cities of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and to England. The water was bottled by hand and its distinguishing feature was the Edelweiss. Even Emperor Franz Joseph is said to have drunk this water.


Treat yourself to a glass of the "sour water", as the locals have called it for centuries, because it is extremely rich in iron.  Taste the water at the water fountain made of corten steel, which reminds of the orange sediment of the water and the rich iron tradition of the town of Ravne.  With its beneficial and healing effects and its flourishing spa, the "Carinthian Roman Spring" was internationally known in the 19th century.


Make yourself comfortable in the café with an unobstructed view of the surroundings and experience the authentic Koroška region with its local delights (homemade herbal teas, crunchy muesli with yogurt, homemade pastries, elaborate local cakes - also for vegans). In the café you will find a sales corner with aesthetically designed local products from farms and artists from the region.  


Around the café there are sports fields for padel, tennis and beach volleyball and in winter there is a natural ice skating rink. Rimski Vrelec is an excellent starting point for walks, hikes and bike rides even to Uršlja Gora, Ivarčko lake, Smuč cottage, Ošven, Poštarski dom cottage or to the birthplace of writer Prežihov Voranc.