Carinthia Lithion Spring

Name: Carinthia Lithion Spring

Location: 6 wells in the basement of the spa building at the foot of the slope on the right bank of the Vellach plus 4 boreholes (between 60 and 120 m deep)

Coordinates E: 14,593523

Coordinates N: 46,478542

The only mineral water springs in the market town of Eisenkappel-Vellach that are still used for healing purposes today are the Carinthia Lithion Springs. Today they are used by the health hotel Vivea for spa and wellness offers. With over 200 beds, the hotel is an important employer in the community with over 100 employees. The six captured springs are alkaline muriatic acidulous. They spring from the Eisenkappler granite and accompanying rocks. The fault trajectories allow water highly concentrated with carbon dioxide gas to rise. Other components of the spring water of the Carinthia Lithion springs are a high content of sodium, hydrogen carbonate, sulfate and chloride. As the name of the spring suggests, the water has numerous trace elements in considerable concentration.

Water - nature's natural remedy

The Carinthia-Lithion springs are recognized as a healing spring. Among other things, the carbonated healing water is administered as a drinking cure for inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, for hyperacidity of the stomach and for anemia. The positive effects of lithium are used in manic-depressive diseases and nervous overexcitability. Small amounts spread throughout the day show the best effect.

Experience water

In the foyer of the Vivea Health Hotel there is a drinking fountain where you can taste the mineral water. There you can taste the tasty healing water and find out about the wide range of services offered by the health hotel.