Ebriach Sour Spring

Name: Ebriach Sour Spring

Location: 8 Spring discharges Ebriach 174

Water type: Sodium magnesium (calcium) hydrogen carbonate acidulose.

Coordinates E: 14,519439

Coordinates N: 46,474344

The Ebriach Sour Spring was bottled commercially as mineral water until the mid-1980s and marketed as the Preblauer Ebriach spring water. After that, economic and technical problems led to the abandonment of the operation. A total of eight spring outlets were captured for the operation, all of which are located on the right bank and in the streambed of the Ebriach creek.

Water - nature's natural remedy

The acidulous water with a high CO content belongs to the sodium-2 magnesium (calcium) hydrogen carbonate group. The springs originate from the Eisenkappler granite and are very strongly enriched with arsenic, which was precipitated in large settling tanks during the active period of the bottling plant.

Experience water

Near the springs there is an outcrop of the Karavanke granite pluton.