Jacob´s Spring

Name: Jacob´s Spring

Location: On the right river bank of the Vellach about 150 m south of the Vellach bridge to the Micheutzgraben.

Water type: Calcium magnesium hydrogen carbonate source.

Coordinates E: 14,581191

Coordinates N: 46,524675

The Jacob´s Spring belongs to a group of springs that emerge in the Vellachtal between Rechberg and Miklauzhof. The total flow of this spring deposit is between 350 and 400 liters per second. The Jakobsquelle spring was captured in 1993 and is of great importance for the drinking water supply of the surrounding communities.

Today, the catchment area of the springs in the Vellach Valley can be determined on the basis of hydrogeological investigations on both sides of the Vellach, with a large part of the water coming from the carbonate rock of the Hochobir Massif. Precipitation water enters the interior of the mountain through crevices and fissures and flows underground towards the Vellach valley. Only in a few places, where water damming shale layers are embedded in the limestone massif, there are also smaller spring occurrences on the Hochobir (e.g. Agnesquelle & Kalte Quelle).

Elevated water temperatures (11.7°C to 12°C) indicate that the karst waters percolate deep below the Vellach bed before reaching the re-emergence. As the water passes through the mountain, it dissolves the limestone. When the water is saturated with calcium, it precipitates again. This process is responsible for the formation of caves and dripstones (e.g. Obir Dripstone Cave).

Water - natural remedy of nature

The water of Jacob's Spring belongs to the calcium-magnesium-hydrogen-carbonate type. It can have a positive effect especially in cases of magnesium deficiency and in all conditions that require increased fluid intake. 

Experience water

In front of the spring house with a viewing platform, an overflow has been built, which serves to refresh cyclists and hikers, as well as a basin where you can take a dip.