Muri Springs

Name: Muri Springs

Location: 4 spring outlets along the Schulnikgraben on the Seeberg federal road approx. 930 m a.s.l.

Water type: Magnesium-calcium-iron hydrogen carbonate acidulose.

Coordinates E: 14,545726

Coordinates N: 46,420425

The Muri Springs are a visual highlight among the mineral water springs, as they have an orange-red-rust-brown color due to the dissolved iron. The springs emerge along the Schulnikgraben at about 930 m above sea level in the Auernig layers of the clay slate. In the past, the healing water was bottled and offered for sale. However, in 1968 a landslide destroyed the bottling plant. Since then, the mineral water can be drunk on the spot and also bottled by oneself in containers brought along.

Water - natural remedy of nature

This mineral spring is a magnesium-calcium-iron hydrogen carbonate acidulous water and officially recognized as a healing water. Drinking cures with iron-containing waters are very suitable for remedying iron deficiency conditions. Iron dissolved in divalent form in the spring is very easily absorbed and therefore can be completely absorbed in the body. The absorbed iron is immediately used for blood formation. Drinking cures with iron-containing medicinal waters are therefore excellently suited to compensate for increased iron requirements, for example during growth and pregnancy, or in the case of increased iron losses due to increased menstrual bleeding or bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract. Drinking cures with iron-containing waters also have a stimulating effect on the blood-forming organs. The accompanying symptoms of iron deficiency (reduced performance, fatigue, pathological muscle weakness and heart palpitations) are also positively influenced.

Experience water

Only a few hundred meters of hiking trail from the road and you reach the spring catchment.